The world of forestry machineries scale models  


Welcome on this web site about forestry machineries scale models. You can find informations about :




                                                                agricultural machineries for forestry work,


and of course :

- the news,

- the links, with more than 130 videos, to very interesting web sites. (last addition links  : Kirowiec, Randon, SSMT )

Want to have fun ? Logmax harvester.

It is easier and cheaper to collect scale models than real machines. The pleasure is not the same than driving real machines but interest and passion are very strong.

At this time, there are 100 pieces making up my collection but all those pieces are not online yet.

Of course, I am still looking for new models to enrich my collection.

Have a nice tour.


Laurent Guillot         




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Update September 2008


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