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The wooden "schlitte", toboggan to forward the wood form sheer clear cutting. French handmade in Vosges' area. The game consisted on tobogganing on a sheer corduroy road. High feelings guarantee ! I bought it in a French store in Geradmer.

Puma helicopter. To skid on kerfless cutting. Sometimes used in France. High running costs. French make. Verem. 1/50.
Unimog to load logs trucks. German make. Kibri. 1/87.

International TD 25C with Hyster logging arch. Dozer with Carco 120 winch and tracks logging arch. American make. First Gear for dozer, Sherwood Model for logging arch, winch and roll over framework. American make. 1/25.

International TD 25C. Dozer with winch. American make. First Gear. 1/25.

Tracks tractor with particular design Hyster logging arch.  American make. Woodland Scenics. 1/87.
Tracks tractor  D8 8R, year 1940, with modern design logging arch. American make. GHQ. 1/87

Cat "skidder" fixed frame, arch powered by battery, to open and close grapple. Matchbox.
Under construction. Jennings lumber Co. log skidder, with steam winch. American make. Scale Structure. 1/87.
Under construction. Forestry's Cat D9 with rear winch and front brush rake. American make. EMD. 1/50.
Timberjack logging boom with harvesting system on trailer. American make. 1/64.

Cat D5C with forestries safety devices. American make. Joal. 1/50.

Unimog with forestry winch. German make. Kibri. 1/87.

Daf 95 XF  truck  specialy build for skidders hauling. Nederland make. JOAL. 1/50.

Under construction. Unimog 411 with forestry winch. German make. MO Miniatur. 1/32.

Mack Granite for hauling Valmet 911 harvester. American make. First Gear. 1/34.

Wheels arch kit, very nice model. French make. Créa Modèles.1/32.

Wheels arch. French make. CIJ.1/32.

Bell 225A logger. South African make. Norscot. 1/32.

Bull IH TD 15 with forestry winch. American make. Firts Gear 1/50.